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Press release time!

Cameras roll for third season

of ABC hit comedy Fisk

The ABC is excited to announce filming has commenced on the third six-part season of award-winning comedy Fisk.  The series is created, written, co-directed by – and starring – one of Australia’s most beloved comedians, Kitty Flanagan.

Having captured the hearts and funny bones of millions of Australians, the laugh out loud series returns, along with cast favourites Julia Zemiro, Marty Sheargold and Aaron Chen.  As with the two previous seasons, each episode will guest star some of the best in the comedy business as they navigate their way through the world of wills and probate.

Helen (Kitty Flanagan) is now a name partner at Gruber & Fisk which means new responsibilities and pressures, largely due to Ray (Marty Sheargold) having other things taking up his time. Things like his new (age-appropriate) lady love and her “fashion psychologist” business.  Meanwhile Roz (Julia Zemiro) has a midlife crisis, Viktor (Glenn Butcher) resigns as Roz’s assistant and George (Aaron Chen) jumps ship to work for Conch Mediation.  On the home front, Helen has finally moved out into a place of her own. But true to form she soon gets her new neighbour offside. And in an ironic twist, Helen and Viktor become the stereotypical, over-emotional, irrational, bickering family members when Dad (John Gaden) decides to update his will.

Kitty’s Fisk role has won her back-to-back Silver Logies for Most Popular Actress on television, as well as the AACTA Award for Best Comedy Performer, with Julia also being nominated at the Logies and AACTAS for her performance. On top of multiple other Logie and AACTA nominations, Fisk won the AACTA Award for Best Narrative Comedy Series in 2021, the Screen Producers Award for Best Comedy Series, and, internationally, it won Best Series in the Comedy Competition at Series Mania, France.

Kitty Flanagan says “I’m delighted to be back in the brown suit and on set with all of my favourite funny people. This is such a fun show to make and we have got our fingers crossed that everyone loves it.”

ABC Head of Scripted, Rachel Okine says “Fisk has become such a beloved character on our screens, both in Australia and now also around the world, we cannot wait to unleash another much-anticipated season onto ABC’s audiences”.

VicScreen CEO, Caroline Pitcher says “We are proud to continue supporting the award-winning comedy Fisk for a third season. This series has proven that unique, Australian comedy can truly crack-up audiences not just here in Australia, but also internationally. I’m looking forward to delighting in more of the adventures of Helen Tudor-Fisk and her enviable sense of fashion.”

Fisk season 3 will air later in 2024 on ABC TV and ABC iview.

The key to all this is “now also around the world”. But hey, no complaints here if the Netflix effect is working to make an Australian comedy internationally popular for once. Later in 2024 can’t come fast enough.

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