Mad as Hell in Shock Edit Controversy

Well this was interesting:

Sadly for us, because like everyone else in the Australian media we are little more than ravenous black holes of hate that require everyone else to suffer in order to even slightly relieve our pain, this wasn’t some massive scandal involving government interference or the ABC caving to outside interests. Instead, the finance segment hosted by Tosh Greenslade (in glasses and a wig) had used the analogy of a shark attack to describe the Australian economy.

Unfortunately, around three hours before the episode (recorded the day before) went to air, this happened:

Which made the segment a fair bit less funny for a lot of people.

So into the bin it went, and fair enough. But what to replace it with for the numerous repeats plus its eternal life on iView? Turns out the crack editing team at the ABC slaved away for a couple of hours to replace it with an earlier Tosh Greenslade finance segment from the first episode of the year. Seamless!

Especially as they actually used some footage from the original:

… but with the background from the new (that is to say, old) segment green-screened in so Shaun Micallef’s outro still made sense:

The bad news is, they’re going to have to re-do this segment all over again once they find out the current Jackass movie has a pogo stick stunt in it.

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