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The series, from the Emmy-nominated and critically acclaimed Aussie writer and comedian, will return to Stan in 2021.

Need we go on? Eh, may as well.

20 May, 2020 – Stan today announced that Josh Thomas‘ critically acclaimed comedy Everything’s Gonna Be Okawill be returning exclusively to Stan in 2021.

The series, which is created, executive produced and stars Josh Thomas, follows Nicholas, a neurotic twenty-something-year-old who is forced to raise his two teenage half-sisters, one of whom is on the autism spectrum, after the untimely death of their father. The series stars Josh Thomas – the creator and star of the International Emmy-nominated series Please Like Me   – Kayla Cromer, Adam Faison and Maeve Press.

Thomas, Stephanie Swedlove and Kevin Whyte serve as executive producers, with David Martin, Jon Thoday and Richard Allen-Turner executive producing for Avalon. Additionally, Please Like Me collaborator Thomas Ward reunites with Thomas as co-executive producer.

Everything’s Gonna Be Okay will return exclusively to Stan in 2021

The way they couldn’t quite be bothered to bold the final “y” in Everything’s Gonna Be Okay pretty much sums up our feelings about the whole thing.

What this really tells us is something we already knew: Thomas was hired to provide prestige, not ratings. It’s a great place for him to be, even if it does suggest he’s not actually funny, because “prestige” is the kind of thing you don’t have to prove. If people think you’re classy, then you’re classy, low ratings and general disinterest be dammed.

The real question now is, will there even be a Stan by 2021?

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