You’re Going Home in the Back of the Divvy Van

Press release time!

Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery returns to Wednesday nights on ABC

Premieres Wednesday 20 May at 8pm on ABC and iview

The ABC’s beloved series Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery returns for its eighth season on Wednesday 20 May 8pm on ABC and iview.   Julia traverses the country to meet her guests.  They come from around Australia and an assortment of professions, all with a passion to effect real change in the world.

“Little did we know when we were filming this 8th series of Home Delivery that the world would soon be in lockdown,” Julia Zemiro says. “Presenting these shows to an audience now feels a bit more special. I’m so thrilled we can share with you eight brilliant people walking us through their past and reflecting on the future… a future they had no idea would include Coronavirus.”

“There’s a bittersweet quality in watching those musings now,” Julia adds.  “Personally, I’m moved also by my physical closeness to each guest and how that is no longer possible. Our guests come from Science, IT, Politics and more particularly the Arts, an Industry that has become so vital in keeping our spirits alive in this lockdown period. Enjoy. ”

The new series kicks off with a trip down memory lane with Australia’s favourite boffin, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, while other guests include, maverick Senator Jacqui Lambie, comedian, social media queen and bushfire heroine Celeste Barber, actor and activist Yael Stone, comedian Craig Reucassel, legendary film director Gillian Armstrong, billionaire software entrepreneur Scott Farquhar and singer-songwriter Casey Donovan.   

As Julia’s guests visit significant sites from their formative years, they ponder their lives and the paths they have forged so far, sharing personal stories from their childhoods to the present day, giving the viewer a real insight into their public and private persona.

Remember when this was a show about comedians? Yeah, us neither. Still, it’s back yet again and it’s replacing Hard Quiz in what is presumably still technically a comedy time slot – though really, 8.30pm Wednesdays seems to be the only timeslot the ABC is fully committed to running comedy in… and The Weekly starts there next week.

(also, “bushfire heroine Celeste Barber”? Did she actually go out and fight the fires while we weren’t watching?)

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