Adding One More to the Lockdown

Press release time!

Luke McGregor joins The Weekly with Charlie Pickering, watching the news so you don’t have to!

ABC is pleased to announce The Weekly with Charlie Pickering is back from April 29, locked down inside the ABC’s sanitised bubble and holding your well-washed and hopefully gloved hand through the next 14 weeks of the End Times.

Joining The Weekly this season is Tasmania’s own Luke McGregor, who has finally found a use for his Economics degree. With the economy falling apart, no one is better placed to guide us through these anxious times than a deeply anxious comedian with an enduring passion for graphs. Prepare to watch an adult man apologise to a virus while willing a curve to flatten.

Luke McGregor said, “I’m really excited to join The Weekly team. One, because I’m a fan of the show; and two, because I’m at home self-isolating with nothing to do and this gives me a reason to shower.”

Charlie Pickering added, “After being bullied for five years by a Logie-winning red-headed comedian with an out of control ego, I’m very happy to be joined by a Logie-winning red-headed comedian with no ego at all. I’m even happier that he’s one of my favourite comedians in the country.”

Luke isn’t the only one keeping Australia laughing in season six of The Weekly. Historic times call for a cast of historic proportions. Joining Charlie will be Judith Lucy, Gold Logie winner Tom Gleeson, Adam Briggs and a phalanx of Australia’s funniest to laugh right up in adversity’s face.

In a world that makes no sense, you might as well turn to the team at The Weekly with Charlie Pickering Wednesday 29 April at 8:30pm on ABC and iview.

As with literally every other piece of casting news at The Weekly, this is good news. It’s a show that could most definitely do with new talent, as shown by the two comedy quotes in this press release: one contains a slightly amusing joke, while the other contains a slightly amusing joke which is then promptly walked back just in case we thought for a single solitary second a blatant insult might have somehow made its way into a press release. Is there a comedian in this country who isn’t one of Charlie Pickering favourites?

The real question here is, will McGregor be a regular like Tom Gleeson is a regular (one to two segments a week every week), like Judith Lucy is a regular (roughly two segments every three weeks) or a regular like Briggs is a regular (Briggs is a regular?). Actually, now that Briggs can’t do his oddly-located interviews with big name politicians or appear in the occasional pre-recorded sketch, maybe they’ll be forced to let him be as funny as he is pretty much everywhere else.

Anyway, it sounds like McGregor is going to have a regular segment on the economy, and while we’re not expecting it to reach the heights of Tosh Greenslade in a Wig and Glasses on Mad as Hell, the idea of getting on board actually funny people for regular segments on topical issues is a good direction for The Weekly to take. Will it last more than a few episodes? We’ll have to watch more than a few episodes to find out!

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