Get Green!n

This week’s Get Krack!n was a little different to previous episodes: it was a re-cap show. Forced to come in on a Saturday morning to present a “best bits” package for weekend viewers, the Kates reluctantly took us through the highlights of their past week of environment-themed shows. And if you’ve been watching the past couple of weeks of Get Krack!n and thinking “this could be better”, then this is an episode worth watching, as it was a definite return to form.

Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney on the set of Get Krack!n

Why was it an improvement? Well, we think the highlights format made for a funnier program than the format used in previous episodes of Get Krack!n, where the Get Krack!n show was presented in real time. Sure, with the real time format there’s plenty of comic potential coming from the tension of the Kates having to skip from awful segment to ill-advised segment to downright disastrous segment. But on the flipside, the real time format means that each segment has to be shown in its entirety, whereas with a highlights format only the really funny bits of each segment needs to be shown.

There were also some extra opportunities for gags in the highlights show, by having the weekend crew consisting of film school dudes all keen on doing something a bit artistic – and the Kates having their weekends, nay their lives, ruined by having to do an extra day’s work. And with McLennan now down to zero friends and both McLennan and McCartney’s husbands fairly cheesed off with them, oh, and with the studio carpark flooded, it can’t be long before we find the Kates presenting their final episode from a cardboard box under a railway bridge to an audience of homeless drunks, meth addicts and diseased rodents.

Oh, and speaking of bleak, the usual bleak/woke gags worked particularly well in this episode, it being about an actual real-life disaster that we’re all careering towards and are seemingly powerless to do anything about. We also enjoyed the Kash Kock’s visit to a house with some rather interesting contents, the New Zealanders who’d been “rescued” at sea, and the segment in which various right-wing nut jobs (played by the actor John Howard, Debra Lawrence – is it now mandatory to have her in everything? – and David Quirk) got to have their say on a trivial but potentially flammable social issue.

And with Mark Humphries and Sammy J being not great, and Tonightly still axed, Get Krack!n is proving to be the best satire on TV right now. Not something you’d necessarily expect from a show which is meant to be a parody of morning programs.

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