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Spicks and Specks reuniting to celebrate ABC’s Ausmusic Month

Hands on buzzers, it’s time to play Spicks and Specks! ABC is thrilled to announce that Australia’s favourite music quiz show is coming back for a one off, one night, hour special.  Kicking off ABC’s Ausmusic Month in November, Adam Hills, Myf Warhurst and Alan Brough are gearing up to celebrate Australian music as only they know how; with returning old favourite games, some new surprises, and of course plenty of laughs.

Our team captains will be joined by award-winning rapper Adam Briggs, singer, songwriter Ricki-Lee Coulter and comedians Frank Woodley and Denise Scott.  Dropping in on the night will be a fantastic line-up of Australia’s music greats, both past and present. They’ll all play along, put their music knowledge to the test, share their anecdotes and perform live.

With our favourite comedians also joining in, the Spicks and Specks Reunion Special promises to be an unforgettable night of music and madness.

The Spicks and Specks Reunion Special will screen as part of ABC’s annual Ausmusic Month in November.  For the month of November, ABC celebrates and embraces Australian music across all its platforms with special initiatives, live performances and programming, highlighting and paying tribute to the diverse, depth and variety of Australian music.  Stay tuned for more Ausmusic Month highlights.

Yaaaay! Finally Josh Earl, Adam Richard and Ella Hooper will get to make their triumphant… oh, wait. It’s not the 2014 reboot reunion we’ve all been waiting for? Bugger.

Just to get in early before all the “why oh why did the ABC ever let it go?” hot takes, here’s why Spicks and Specks mk.1 ended:

a): The ABC was getting rid of all of its in-house productions, for reasons that were never particularly clear but almost certainly driven by ideology – mostly the belief that the private sector is always better at everything. How’s that working out?

b): Spicks and Specks was put together on a punishing schedule – at least some of the main cast had been complaining for years about its rush job approach to production. Basically, the leads were burnt out; the ABC had killed the goose that laid the golden eggs.

So while b): explains why all your favourites left, a): explains why the ABC didn’t – at first – simply recast the main hosts and keep it going. Which would have made a lot more sense than the fuck-up approach they ended up taking once someone there realised the show that had been the ratings lynchpin of the ABC’s Wednesday night line-up (you know, the night where they actually used to win the ratings) had slipped away.

Don’t worry though, because back in 2012 the ABC had a sure-fire replacement all lined up to take Spicks and Specks‘ place in our hearts and on our screens for the next 27 weeks and beyond. Get back to us when they do a reunion special for Australia’s favourite word-based quiz Randling, ok?

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