Tonight…Aaron Chen

It’s now been two weeks since there’s been an episode of John Conway Tonight, but according to TV Tonight the show may be back soon…

Rising comedian Aaron Chen may be getting his big chance at his own show on ABC2.

Chen, who has appeared as the sidekick on just 3 episodes of John Conway Tonight, could wind up as his replacement, after Conway’s sudden illness.

With 9 episodes still to be delivered for the production, Chen’s opportunity is not unlike the backstage tale of the understudy stepping in for the leading man at the last minute.

Producers GNW TV filmed a rehearsal with Chen on Thursday at Cafe Lounge and filming takes place tomorrow, requiring him to cancel a Sydney Comedy Festival show.

Fingers crossed the filming went well and the show’s back soon. It’s been a ramshackle but fun program so far, with Aaron Chen the stand-out performer and obvious choice to take over as host.

His awkward and earnest comedy persona should work as well in his new role as it did when he was Conway’s sidekick. It will also add an extra dimension to this already very meta show.

There’s a long history of comedy characters hosting parodic tonight shows – Dame Edna, Alan Partridge, Norman Gunston – with Gunston’s nerdy style possibly being the nearest indication of what a Chen-hosted program could look like. The Norman Gunston Show had a long run on the ABC in the 70s and 80s (plus a revival on Channel 7 in the 90s), which hopefully bodes well for Aaron Chen. We think this re-boot of John Conway Tonight could really work.

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