Could barely give a Stuff

What with the Olympics period being a bit of a down time in the local TV industry, we’ve been back scouring the torrents sites for stuff to blog about. Or Stuff to blog about, because Wendy Harmer’s 2008 series of that name is available on one such site (and on a legitimate, but seemingly out of print, DVD).

If you disliked Myf Warhurst’s Nice (and as a reader of the blog we’re assuming you probably did) then you’ll also dislike Wendy Harmer’s Stuff…because they’re basically the same show. The main difference is that Stuff is less about personal memories and nostalgic themes, and more of a rattle around the living spaces of various ordinary Aussies. Their weird, wonderful, normal and non-existent possessions are all explored, and as you might expect the people in the series range from obsessive hoarders to people who’ve discarded as many worldly goods as possible.

One point of minor interest about this series is that some notable comedy personnel are involved – apart from Harmer, who created and presents the series, the director is Ted Emery (whose credits include The D-Generation, Fast Forward, Full Frontal, The Micallef Programme and Kath & Kim) and the producer is Laura Waters (responsible for Chris Lilley’s various series) – but despite their credentials the series isn’t remotely funny. Mind you, it isn’t really trying to be, it’s more of a lightweight entertainment show that in a previous era would have aired at 6pm rather than 8pm. Ah well, it’s least it’s not the bloody Olympics – is it just us who’re sick to the back teeth of that already?

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