Down Down, Deeper and Down

TV ratings for Wednesday June 9th, as taken from Throng:

Hey Hey falls below a million

Which you’d think would be good news – people seem to be figuring out that not only is Hey Hey it’s Saturday the exact same show week in week out, but it’s also the exact same show that was axed eight years ago – but seriously: almost a million people are still watching Hey Hey after two whole months. They’re probably still slamming their fingers in the car door wondering why it hurts too.

Of course, “watching” simply means the television is on, and it hardly seems possible that even the most devoted fan could watch an entire two hour episode of Hey Hey then return a week later to watch another two hours of Hey Hey. That’s why so many of the show’s fans wanted / still want it moved to Saturday nights: this is a show so lacking in viewing calories even its fans want it shifted to a night where it can better serve as nothing more than background viewing for people getting ready to go do something more fun. Like slamming their fingers in a car door.

Keep that in mind the next time someone says Hey Hey needs to go back to Saturdays (and with the ratings falling below the magic million mark, a timeslot shift or outright dumping would seem on the cards) – they’re actively calling for the show to be shunted to a timeslot where less people will watch it, and less of those people will be paying attention to it. And why stop there? Using that logic Hey Hey would work even better going out at 3am on a Monday morning. To one television set. Locked in the boot of a car at the bottom of a river. With a fan’s hand still trapped in the door.

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