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Things have slowed down a little around here of late, as we work behind the scenes to push the lumbering cart that is The Australian Tumbleweed Awards 2009 into position. Sadly, that means no in-depth analysis on why roughly a tenth of Hungry Beast‘s running time is taken up with fancy promos for a show we already seem to be watching. But, you know, that three disc collection of Clarke & Dawe’s interviews on The 7.30 Report is out from tomorrow (in ABC shops only, at least for a while), and Shaun Micallef’s comedy CD My Generation hits the stores next week, so you can assume we’d be saying good things about both of those projects if we had the time.

And if you’re more a fan of the snark, series three of The Chaser’s War on Everything is out on DVD around now as well, and is also worth a look – mostly because it has a massive amount of deleted scenes (but not the “Make a Realistic Wish Foundation” sketch – supposedly the ABC won’t let them show it ever again, and interested viewers are directed to YouTube by The Chaser) due to two episodes being dumped to punish them for annoying Herald-Sun readers and talkback radio listeners who think everything they see on TV actually happened. Presumably the other eight episodes went to air to punish the dwindling number of viewers with fond memories of how fast-paced and funny CNNNN was.

There hasn’t been time for a serious wade through the extras just yet – putting the Tumblies together, remember? – but on a quick glance there’s never been a better time to deploy the phrase “running out of puff”. And if you’re a fan of comedy commentaries that sound like they were put together by a team of young businessmen, this is the must-purchase DVD of, well, however long it is until Wil Anderson’s Wilosophy comes out.

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