Someone Just Found $20 On The Floor And They’re Spending Up Big

In recent months we’ve been wondering time and time again: what kind of comedy can the ABC make when they can’t afford to make anything that’s not an overseas co-production? And now we have the answer: really cheap comedy:

Adam Zwar and Trent O’Donnell are set to make a six-part comedy for the ABC set entirely in cars, which will follow people from Sydney’s western suburbs as they drive to work.

In fact, we reckon they can go even cheaper than that:

Wayne Hope and Robyn Butler are making a sequel to their 2008 six-part comedy Very Small Business for the ABC.

Very Small Business, you may recall, was a sitcom originally set entirely in a disused office (they expanded on it when the ABC complained it looked too cheap by adding a bunch of cutaways to outside locations). You may also recall it was actually pretty funny (and extremely spot-on with its jokes about the world of dodgy magazine publication), so a return in an age where bottom-rung publishing is even more cutthroat can only be for the good.

Squinters, on the other hand, sounds like a concept we’re going to need to hear a bit more about. Are the characters carpooling? Constantly on their mobile phones? Repeatedly involved in massive pile-ups? Having done our fair share of slow crawls into the city for work we’re fairly confident that comedy is not the natural outcome of sitting in a car for fifty minutes at a time.

But as usual, the stinger is in the tail:

Neither the ABC nor Jungle has confirmed the show.

No rush there, guys.

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  • sven says:

    Good to see Very Small Business back. From what I can remember about it (9 years back eh ?) it was good. Plenty of material to choose from. Writing wise it might benefit from talking to journalists and small business owners to give the ideas some bite. But doubt it. That’s funny how the abc thought it looked cheap ha ha. You mean a bit like how dodgy small businesses actually look ? That was part of the comedy. This deluded guy with ten mobile phones in a cavernous floor of an industrial estate. No need to shy away from the ugliness of it.
    And that Squinters show sounds terrible.

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