And the Living Shall Envy the Dead (yet again)

From Variety: CBS is developing a new daytime talkshow starring Valerie Bertinelli and Australian TV host Rove McManus. Rarely has news so expected managed to strike such a chill down the spine. But there’s no worse fear than fear of the unknown, so lets arm ourselves with knowledge: “Say It Now,” hosted by Bertinelli and... Read More »

“Self-Indulgent? Moi?” or “We’ve created a monster!”

Taken from the Chris Lilley fansite: January 26, 2010 Angry Boys update I just wanted to quickly update you on the progress of Angry Boys. We’ve been shooting for a few months now and have started up again for 2010. It’s a really long shoot. And a really big show. So it’s going to take... Read More »

Yet another panel show

Is all Australian TV comedy now a lame panel show with next-to-no laughs? Seemingly thousands of such programmes have either returned or started-up in the past few weeks, with only Hungry Beast and Clarke & Dawe suggesting there's an alternative approach to getting laughs. In this climate I'm almost pining for that STITCH thing 13 schoolyards mentioned in his last blog - at least it'll offer something... Read More »