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Vale Sando: Let’s go, Sando!

no one likes watching Sando, Sando is over. It’s hard to imagine anyone missing it. If there’s one thing the ABC has failed to get right over the last... Read More »

Sando 2: More Sando

be funny anymore. Not funny at all. In fact, we’re seriously concerned about how funny it’ll be next week. Other than that, Sando just kept being Sando. The idiot... Read More »

Sando 5: The one with the goblin ears sub-plot

Like we predicted, episode 5 of Sando was where the writers laid the groundwork for whatever spectacular finale’s going to happen in episode 6 of Sando, i.e. we’ll find... Read More »

Sando 3: Sando continues to be broadcast

This week, Sando introduced a new dimension to the previously fairly-generic supportive-husband-of-the-daughter character Gary. Gary, due to issues in his childhood with his own parents, is addicted to skinny... Read More »

Make us laugh, Sando

Oh wait, Sando had none of them either… There’s the title character, Sando, a fun-seeming discount retailer who appears in her own cheap-and-cheerful television ads, except she turns out... Read More »

The Shifting Sando

Press release time! Comedy Series Sando welcomes a new Sando Tuesday, December 5, 2017 — ABC, Screen Australia and Create NSW advise that Genevieve Morris has been unable to... Read More »

Sando 4: If this series was a week we’d be past hump day by now

Sando, so it’s going to be all plot no laughs every damn time. In episode 4 we got to see the live-in therapist/best friend of the daughter hypnotise Sando... Read More »

Its a Jungle Out There

Press release time! Sando doing deals on your ABC in March Wednesday, February 21, 2018 — Australia’s discount furniture queen Sando is coming to ABC and iview, Wednesday 21... Read More »

Family Comedy doesn’t mean the same thing as Comedy Family

that filming is underway in Sydney on the new six-part family comedy/drama series Sando , from the team at Jungle. Starring the much-loved Genevieve Morris (No Activity) as Sando... Read More »

The winners and losers of the Australian Tumbleweed Awards 2018

...a better case for a budget boost than the department that greenlit Sando and Squinters, so lets not get carried away just yet. But what else can we do... Read More »